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Do Something: Start a Company

We are excited to begin working with you on creating something new! Your company formation details will include the following:

  • Provide consultation regarding the type of entity you should form for your business
  • Draft and file your Certificate of Formation
  • Draft Company Agreement, Bylaws, or Partnership Agreement
  • Draft corporate resolutions electing directors, managers, officers, and/or authorizing the operation of a business.

Company Formation Questionnaire : Frequent Questions

What kind of entity should I form?

Choosing the right entity for you is based on a number of factors.  Check out our guide to selecting the right entity.

Choosing The Right Entity

In What State should I form my entity?

In most cases, we recommend filing in the State where you live.  However, an entity can be formed in any state, and then operate in any other.  Each state has unique business and tax laws, with some more advantageous than others.  That said, each state where you do business will likely require you to register, and pay taxes on your profits.

What do I call my business?

Your business name must be unique enough to identify your business without causing confusion with other businesses.  You can begin with the name to develop your own brand, or select something that only has meaning to you.  Usually you can check to see if your chosen name is already taken on your Secretary of State’s website.

Do you have partners or co-owners?

Co-owners and partners shares in the liabilities and rewards of owning the company.  Your co-owners and partners may have the right to influence the decisions of the company and pick officers and managers.  We can work with you to create a structure that works best with your team.