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Sorry, we don’t have a silver bullet answer for you today. But we can give some general direction. The legal structure of your business makes a huge difference in terms of tax structure and planning for growth.

There are as many different businesses out there as you can imagine, and every single one needs to have documentation with the Secretary of State to ensure legitimacy. And since you can’t know what you don’t know, hiring a team of attorneys that understand the best structure for your business goals is a great idea.

For information that is specific to your situation, it’s best to book a consultation with Stanfield and Dupre through the link above to our website. But for a primer about how to think about how business structure can impact your long-term goals, we’ll take a clip from an article published in Inc.:

Given the choice between creating an LLC or a corporation, many small-business owners will generally be better off going the LLC route. For one thing, if your business will have several owners, the LLC can be more flexible than a corporation in the way you can parcel out profits and management duties. Also, setting up and maintaining an LLC can be a bit less complicated and expensive than a corporation. But there may be times a corporation will be more beneficial.

The full article can be seen here: (

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