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Stanfield and Dupre is well-versed in the areas of trademark and branding law, and it’s hard to encapsulate exactly why we believe it’s important in a social media post. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with our team, however, we’ll be happy to discuss the nuances of this in more detail.

KitKat, the iconic candy bar, is something you can likely find in every grocery store and gas station across the country. Recently, their Swiss rival Nestle lost an appeal to trademark the shape of the iconic candy bar in the United Kingdom. Why does this matter?

An article in Insider describes why this is important:

Although the long-running spat appears to be largely based on inter-corporate enmity and muscle-flexing, the IP issues it has raised have excited copyright lawyers worldwide.

Leading branding expert Andrew Wolffe of Edinburgh-based design company Wolffe said: “Shape and colour are as important facets of trademarking as the logo as long as they can be proven to be unique to you.

You can read the full article here: (

Protecting the brand is extremely important for a business. If you’re not completely sure of the letter of the law in these matters, make sure you have an experienced law firm working on your behalf.

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