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For many people, engaging in a real estate transaction does not happen very often during their lives. Additionally, these transactions usually involve significant amounts of money. Real estate deals are complex, and real estate law is additionally complicated which is why clients retain the services of Stanfield and Dupre when undertaking real estate transactions.

Whether it’s acquiring a new parcel of land or handling an entire project development, including the lease-up – our experienced team is able to act as counsel to ensure the best possible outcome.

Stanfield and Dupre have represented owners, developers and investors during complex real estate transactions. Think about scheduling a consultation with our team the next time any one of the following situations:

Acquisitions and Dispositions
Development and Construction
Leasing (landlord and tenant representations)
Partnerships, LLCs and Joint Ventures

Real estate deals are tricky, but when you have a confident, assertive team of real estate attorneys working on your behalf, you have a stronger peace of mind. You’ve got enough to worry about!

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