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We understand better than most the kind of difficulty that is presented to someone attempting to hire an experienced business attorney. Business law is confusing, objectively, and we understand that potential clients might feel as though they are fighting a battle on two-fronts when attempting to hire an attorney that understands their needs and can help them without exorbitant fees.

Our mission statement is simple – to provide high quality, creative, and result-oriented legal services to individuals and businesses and facilitate client’s business and personal growth in doing so.

We work on a value pricing model, which means that as a client, you can understand what you’ll be obligated to spend before any work begins on your case. This is highly valuable for clients who might feel hesitant about having “too much” communication with their lawyer and alleviates the fear of being gouged on an invoice.

Our process is simple as well. All you need to do is schedule a meeting or a phone conference. You’ll be paired with an attorney and will be able to discuss the facts about your representation and your goals for the future. The attorney will discuss the pros and cons of each option and help you chose the quickest and least expensive way to achieve these goals.

Don’t let pricing stand in the way of being connected with a great attorney. Understand their process and pricing model before you schedule a consultation. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Stanfield and Dupre, please call us at 832-482-4622.

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